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Keep the lights on with a backup generator.

Connective Electric has launched a new special. Customers who mention the promotion featured on this page will receive 10 percent off the labor cost of services such as home generator installations, home theater set-ups, flat-screen TV installations, recessed lighting set-ups, landscape lighting systems, and installations of electric panels and upgrades of electric panels. Call (954) 782-7879 for more details about this promotion, and say that you saw the promotion on our Specials page of our website.

Connective Electric, a first-rate Pompano Beach full-service electrical contracting business, performs dependable and warrantied electrical work for residential and commercial customers throughout Broward County, as well as in Miami-Dade County and Palm Beach County. The company helps customers use electricity for numerous functional, decorative and entertainment purposes. The company specializes in retrofitting existing electrical set-ups for new purposes. The company helps residential customers convert rooms in their homes to home theaters and other purposes. The company also helps commercial customers like eateries and stores move into existing commercial spaces, adapting or upgrading the existing electrical components for the new tenants’ needs.

Connective Electric helps commercial customers and residential customers across South Florida prepare for power outages with its backup generator installations. The loss of electricity inconveniences us all, but with a back-up generator, customers can keep the lights on. Call today and mention this ad, and save 10% off the labor cost of installing a backup generator.