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Electrical Remodeling

Connective Electric Remodeling

Connective Electric’s experienced and well-trained Broward electricians can help with electrical services on both residential remodeling projects and commercial remodeling projects.

Connective Electric excels in helping residential and commercial customers with electrical remodeling.


Whether you’re the owner of a business moving into a new retail space, or a homeowner who wants to repurpose a room — Connective Electric has the skills, experience and expertise to complete a full range of electrical remodelling jobs.


We can handle all electrical aspects of a remodeling project —  from adding and relocating electrical outlets, to installing high-voltage wiring and custom lighting. Our team has worked on and successfully completed many remodeling projects, including grocery stores, department stores, retail outlets, eateries and gyms.

Before beginning any remodeling project, we will speak with you one on one to get an idea of how you intend to use the space in question. With this information, we will then devise a plan to meet your short-term and long-term electrical needs.

Request a free electrical remodeling quote today using the form on the right.