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Home Electrical Safety Tips

Posted by on Friday, October 23, 2015 in News | 0 comments

Connective Electric Facility MaintenanceElectricity energizes the whole world. Almost everything that we do relies on the power of electricity. We use it to produce our food, light up our houses and buildings, run our machineries, power up our transport engines, and much more.  

Electricity has opened the doors, and it’s responsible for our comfort and convenience without question. That’s what makes home electrical safety tips so important.

We believe that everyone should enjoy their life. That’s why we at Connective Electric are forever stepping up our customer service. Part of providing good customer service is assisting you with everyday home electrical safety tips

Electricity is part and parcel of our daily lives and we should have perfect electrical connections in order to enjoy it to the fullest. Erroneous connections can lead to a lot of discomfort and may even put our lives and properties in danger.

As a homeowner there are so many electrical concerns to worry about:

  • Is your power supply erratic?
  • Do you need more lighting fixtures?
  • Are you planning to augment the power supply by putting up a generator?
  • Do you want your outdoors to look beautiful?
  • And so on…

Each one of these everyday concerns of a home owner comes with its own set of home electrical safety tips. Electricity is a benevolent servant, but if mistreated it can be a very cruel master.

Treat your electricity well by ensuring your switches are properly insulated and your appliances are appropriately grounded. We recommend using the three prong plug for this purpose.

Don’t touch any electrical plugs and switches if your hands are wet or if your entire body is wet including your hair. Be sure also that that the bulbs and sockets are firmly installed. Don’t use too many extensions and don’t place them under your carpets.

Wet body parts may lead to electrocution. It’s fatal. Loose bulbs and sockets may overheat and may cause explosion and result to fire. The same way, extension wires under the carpet may also cause fire if some parts of the live wires are exposed due to wear and tear.

Not sure where to start with all of these safety requirements? We are not just giving you these tips so that you can go off on your own correct them — we’re here with you.  

Home Electrical Safety Tips: We’re Here to Help

We have licensed electricians who will ensure that your electrical wiring and connections are in perfect condition. You can easily contact us by phone, or you can reach us by email via the contact form on the right.

At Connective Electric we will make sure that you’re not only well protected, but your home is well lit and your appliances are performing at the maximum level. It’s our pleasure to be of service to you whenever you need home electrical safety tips.

We Can Help Prevent Electrical Accidents

Posted by on Wednesday, September 23, 2015 in News | 0 comments

Palm Beach Electricians

You never know when electrical accidents might occur, because an electric current never rests.

An electric current never stops as long as the supply is ongoing. Even when you turn off your lights and appliances, an electric current is still active.

When you turn off a light switch or power down an appliance you are only cutting the current to certain parts of your home. The current itself is still flowing through the household. The only way to completely cut off an electrical supply from your home or commercial building is to turn off the main switch.

You may be inclined to believe that electrical accidents occur when the most people are using the electrical current. It’s actually the opposite.

Electrical accidents, such as electrical fires and power surges, happen at dawn or early morning — which is statistically when the fewest people are using electricity.

When the fewest people are on an electrical current, the potential for a sudden surge of electricity is at its peak. The sudden surge of electricity may be too much unless your wires are built for it, and there’s also the possibility of undetected damage.

Causes of Electrical Accidents

Here is a more clear explanation. To put it in perspective, the effect is the same with your water supply. It’s typically during dawn or early morning when most pipes burst because of too much water pressure. Since people don’t usually use water during these times, the pressure increase may be too much for weak damaged pipes.

Water can flood your homes, but fire is more destructive: it can burn your house down. This is an unpleasant reality that has to be corrected.

If your house was constructed more than 20 years ago and there were never checkups done on your electrical systems: it’s highly probably there is damage you’re not aware of.

Getting an evaluation done is one way of determining the extent of your electrical damage. Most places, including here at Connective Electric, will conduct the evaluation for free.

During the evaluation it’s common to find wires that no longer have their protective coating. Wire coating gets gnawed by rodents or eaten by ants or other insects, leaving the wire bare over time. It’s also common to find wires so brittle they’re able to break.

Another problem leading to electrical accidents is caused by homeowners themselves, unbeknownst to them of course. Something we often find during evaluations is that homeowners are using lighting fixtures built for a smaller electrical capacity than the current running through it.

Running a larger current through an electrical fixture than what it’s built for can cause fixtures to explode or even erupt in flame. We are not trying to scare you. It’s our duty to warn one of these possibilities; and these are facts, not hearsays.

The list never ends and we are very glad to be of help. We have done our duty and our electricians are very much at the forefront of correcting these defects, saving owners a lot of trouble.

We are open 24/7 to answer the needs of residents anytime they want our assistance. Call us today 954-782-7879 for immediate assistance with your electrical accidents.

Our Aim Is To Warn Not To Alarm

Posted by on Sunday, October 26, 2014 in News | 0 comments

Our Aim Is To Warn Not To Alarm


Connective Electric: We can help prevent electrical accidents

Pompano Beach city located in Broward County, South Florida. It has more than 58,000 households; that’s a lot of households if you ask me, not counting the commercial buildings here. This is the reason why we have our business established here; we want to help meet the electrical service requirements of the residents of this beautiful city located between Pam Beach and Miami, which is wonderfully stretched along the beach of the Atlantic Ocean.

We have conducted our business with high professionalism and exceptional customer service that’s always available whenever our customers need us. We are open 24/7 to answer the needs of residents anytime they want our assistance.

An electric current never rests. It never stops as long as the supply is ongoing. When you turn off your lights and appliances, an electric current is still very active in your wires. You are only cutting the current to certain parts of your home but the circuit is still going on. The only way to completely cut off an electrical supply from your home or commercial building is to turn off the main switch.

Most electrical related fires happen at dawn or early morning. This is the time when the electrical current is at its peak. There are fewer users of electricity during these times. The sudden surge of electricity may be too much for substandard wires or those with undetected damage.

Let me illustrate it to you more clearly: the effect is the same with your water supply. It’s also during dawn or early morning when most pipes burst because of too much water pressure. People don’t usually use water during these times. The pressure increase may be too much for weak damaged pipes.

Water can flood your homes, but fire is more destructive: it can burn your house down. This is an unpleasant reality that has to be corrected. If your house was constructed more than 20 years ago and there were never checkups done on your electrical systems: don’t wait much longer. Call us and we will do the evaluation for free.  It’s just a matter of contacting us by phone or sending us an e mail and we’ll set the time at your convenience.

During our inspections what we usually find are a lot of wires without their protective coating. They were either gnawed by rodents or eaten by ants or other insects. Other discoveries include wires which are very old that they’re about to break.

There are also lighting fixtures that have smaller capacity compared to the electrical current running through them. There’s a tendency for them to explode and fire to erupt. We are not trying to scare you. It’s our duty to warn one of these possibilities; and these are facts, not hearsays.

The list never ends and we are very glad to be of help. We have done our duty and our electrician Pompano Beach are very much at the forefront of correcting these defects, saving owners a lot of trouble.

The Gold standard In Electrical Service Delivery

Posted by on Friday, October 24, 2014 in News | 0 comments

The Gold standard In Electrical Service Delivery
What to Do if You Damage Electrical Wires

If you inadvertently damage electrical wires in or around your home, call professional electricians to repair them.

Connective Electric Gold is committed to deliver the highest quality service at the lowest price

The best way to handle your home or your commercial buildings’ electrical requirement is by hiring the services of licensed electrical contractors. It’s the best way to keep your building safe. Often, people are tempted to take things into their own hands or hire individuals who are not professional electricians to save on money. The results can sometimes lead to disaster. Most home fires usually start from faulty wirings.

You can avoid conditions like this by employing us to perform your electrical requirements. All our electricians are licensed and fully accredited. They have studied and trained hard for their profession, guaranteeing their results as safe, reliable, and high quality.

No job is too small or too big for us. We can provide you with all kinds of services that you may have in mind. You can rely on our long years of experience and constant training to deliver the results that you’re looking for. Nothing is impossible for our highly skilled electricians.  We are always ready if you need our assistance.

Do you have a new house or building, or are you planning on renovating them? We can help you with all your wiring requirements. Maybe you want to overhaul your wiring set up, or your wires are old and an upgrade is required to keep them up with the new electrical current supply? We may also have to change your electrical fixtures and fuses.

You may have also observed that your lights aren’t delivering the same brightness they used to and your fridge and air conditioners are underperforming.  Your equipment is not as effective.  Some portions of your wires may have been damaged. Give us a call and we will make an on spot inspection for free.

In fact, we offer free regular evaluation inspection for your homes or commercial buildings. This is the best way to ensure that your electrical supply remains steady. Whatever defects we can find, you can have them repaired immediately.  This will prevent sudden power failures.  Whatever defects there are, you can have them repaired immediately.

You are in no way obligated to hire us to do the job. However if you choose to give us the opportunity to finish what we have begun, we can assure you that you’ve the right decision. I represent Connective Electric Gold, the #1 electrical contractor Fort Lauderdale. We are insured and bonded. We have a license to operate in South Florida.

We are also a full-fledged service company which means that aside for our service electricians we also sell electrical supplies at very reasonable prices. You don’t have to deal with other companies since we have you covered.

This is very important if you want as little down time as possible, a high quality job, and very affordable prices. We guarantee our jobs and parts, most of all your satisfaction. We serve for keeps. This is the reason why every job is special to us. We always deliver the best solution to your electrical concerns.

We Have Everything You Need

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We  Have Everything  You Need



Connective Electric knows the importance of immediate and speedy response

Everybody needs electricity. We use it every day.  It plays a big part in our lives. It’s difficult to think life without it. Almost nothing important in our lives today runs without electricity. Our washing machines, fridge, lights, vacuum cleaner, mobiles and so on are dependent on electricity for them to be fully functional.

What would life be without our internet, favorite TV shows, elevators and escalators? It’s going to be unthinkable if you ask me. It’s true that electricity is a recent invention but so are our electric stoves, electric trains, and electric cars and so on. Though they are fairly recent inventions they have become part of the daily lives of people who them.

The question is not how people before survived nicely without it but how the people who are used to it already will be able to adjust their lifestyle without it. It’s going to be very difficult. A one day power failure causes too much discomfort as it is, how much more if it’s going to be permanent.

There are people who are encouraging us to use less electricity by engaging ourselves with activities that doesn’t use it. That’s an excellent advice, but we know it’s like talking to the wind. More and more people are relying on modern technology in doing their job and passing their leisure time away.

With so much riding on electricity in accomplishing what we do every day, we should see to it that we have the right supply and the connections are done properly and in good condition always. Electric current is very volatile. It can do a lot of good and at the same time if it’s not used properly it can also do a lot of damage. If you happen to suspect there’s something wrong with your power supply such as constant voyage fluctuation it’s a sure sign that you need to call a professional electrician to help you fix the irregularity.

Don’t try to do it on your own. It’s a task only licensed electrician are allowed to do. Protect yourself from danger and your home as well. That’s our job at Connective Electricity. Our licensed electrician Pompano Beach will take care of it immediately. You can reach us any time since we operate 24/7. We know how crucial it is to deal with the problem right away and for this reason we are at your disposal any time you want our assistance.

We are a full pledged electric repair service and supply company. We have both the manpower and supplies to solve your problem. Whatever electrical parts happen to sustain damage we can replace them right away without waiting for stores to open. We also sell at very prices. We offer complete electrical service and you don’t have to deal with another company.

We are licensed to operate in the State of Florida and in Pompano Beach. We follow the national, state, and local business codes. Connective Electric is insured. All you have to do is contact us and we will do the rest.

When It’s About Electricity We Are The Authority

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When It’s About Electricity We Are The Authority


Fort Lauderdale Electricians

The Fort Lauderdale electricians of Connective Electric perform work across South Florida.



Connective Electric can handle your entire home electrical requirement

We all need electricity. Without our lives would be very uncomfortable. I can’t imagine what it would be in a house without power. It would be very dark, very cold in winter and so hot in summer. Having electricity in your home would really be convenient. Your house is well illuminated, you can watch TV, and you have your fridge and all the other appliances working for you.

Is it enough to have electricity in your home? Most of us think it is. AS long as everything is running smoothly, that’s it. No need to repair what’s not broken.

This is not the case with electricity. The wires, connections and other parts should be checked regularly.  A simple maintenance inspection will suffice. You can call at Connective Electric for free evaluation inspection. We’ve done this already and most of the houses didn’t have any problems with their setup. A few had very minor issues.

Sometimes we need to add more connections in our home. You may have a new patio cover or you want your garden to look nice in the evening, we can easily do that for you. How about your garage, do you want it to turn on automatically when the door opens up? You may want to put up a surveillance camera inside your home or a motion alarm?

There’s so much we can do to make your home not only a comfortable, convenient, but also a beautiful place to live. We can also make it a safe and secure place whether you are in there or out somewhere.

There are so many uses of electricity and we can help you enjoy any of it. Our expert electricians can do anything for you. Nothing is impossible with them. You will marvel at their skill and resourcefulness. We have been in every kind of electrical job and our customers are always happy with the results.

We have also assisted in several home renovation projects. There are instances that when lighting fixtures, wiring and switches need to be put off or transferred. It’s advisable that only licensed electricians should do these to make them legal. Building inspectors are very particular who changed the wirings. Save yourself from difficulties in approving your project. Call us and we will certify the entire electrical job that we did.

There are times that you’re tired and you can’t stand too much glare from your bulbs or chandeliers, how about some silhouette lighting. This is a lighting type that’ll make your surrounding flooded with soft lights. You can still see very well while lying on the couch listening to soft music and enjoying your cold drink. You can close your eyes for a few minutes while waiting for dinner to be served. You don’t have to squint or cover your eyes when it’s time for you to head to the table.

Give us a call at Connective Electric the best Electrical Contractor Fort Lauderdale

. There’s no requirement that’s too big or too small for us to handle.





Experience It To Believe

Posted by on Friday, September 19, 2014 in News | Comments Off on Experience It To Believe

Experience It To Believe




Connective Electric can help you with your generator service and installation 

Why do you need a home electric generator?  Our electricity supply is only as good as the weather would permit. When hurricanes hit our place, there’s a big tendency of power outages. These power failures may sometimes last for several days or weeks depending on the seriousness of the situation.  If you own a commercial building or a manufacturing plant owning a generator becomes crucial.  It’s the same with hospitals and schools. Without electricity, there’s nothing much we can do.

You can use a power generator in the meantime.  They are available in different sizes and wattage. It’s important that your electrical generator can supply you with your required power needs with more to spare.

Home generators are very easy to set up. It’s just a matter of plugging it into an outlet and there, your home is energized for the day. The store technician will teach you how to do it and you’ll definitely find it as easy as reciting ABC or counting 1, 2, 3.  It seems to look that way, but it’s not

To ensure that you get it right, why not call us at Connective Electric and we can dispatch our electrician Pompano Beach to help you. What’s a few dollars compared to your safety. It looks simple, but there are electrical variables that should be considered. Not all homes have the same wire sizes, the same number of light bulbs and appliances.  Some homes are also older and it follows that they have older wires also.

It won’t take long. Our electricians are licensed and have been trained in performing all types of electrical connections. Let them help you check your home generator and put it in the proper setting.  It’s important that the generator will deliver the right current to ensure that your bulbs and appliances are performing at full capacity. If the generator is not set properly, you will experience a lot of power fluctuations.

These power fluctuations will either deliver very low power supply or very high electrical surge, Alternate low and high voltage will damage your bulbs and appliances.  You will spend for their repairs and If they’re damaged completely, you will have to buy brand new in their place and it means more expense.

The situation in commercial buildings and other establishments is even more complicated. There are additional wires to be installed, including a post or more maybe. The generator should be placed inside a small building, and an additional transformer may become necessary. We have done this several times in the past.  It’s very easy for us to do these things.

If you’re interested, we are selling all kinds of electrical supply. You can buy them from us with cheaper prices. We extend free installation if you purchase all your electrical supplies from us. That would be additional savings. More so you get the services of the finest electrician Pompano Beach.

Call us or send us an email. You don’t have to do it twice. We’ll be right over there. We know how important electricity is to all; we are therefore open 24/7.  We offer you the best customer service unheard of in any other company. To experience is to believe, that’s we always say to our customers and they agree with us.




Your Old Houses and commercial Buildings May Have Outdated Electrical Connections

Posted by on Wednesday, August 27, 2014 in News | Comments Off on Your Old Houses and commercial Buildings May Have Outdated Electrical Connections

Your Old Houses and commercial Buildings May Have Outdated Electrical Connections
Electrical Contractors in Fort Lauderdale

Connective Electric has performed excellent work on numerous commercial projects.

Connective Electric will keep you and your property safe from electrical related accidents

How old is your house? When was it built? If it’s more than 25 years old you may need to have the connections inspected? It might that the wires don’t conform to the standard specifications anymore. There’s a chance the wires may become overloaded because of this and it create problems for you.

Another issue is the integrity of the wires. Some parts may have been without the insulation anymore. Rats, ants and other insects would love to gnaw on them, exposing the live wire. Constant contact with wood may ignite a fire and may burn the house down.

The fuse boxes may require upgrading, the old lighting fixtures and bulbs included. You might think it’ll take a lot of time for us to do it and it may also cost you a lot if you want the job done.  If you’re interested, we can evaluate your home or commercial building first and determine the true picture of your entire electrical circuit. It’s for free a special part of our community service. We will submit to you our written report with the costing of course.

In the report, we’ll emphasize what repairs have to be done right away. If we see that the wires are too small to accommodate the present current supply, we would suggest for a total rewiring of your place.  You may have noticed unusual power fluctuations occurring once a while. This should not be the case at all. Later on the situation may develop into a more serious condition. The danger in this case is real.

If your place doesn’t need total rewiring, t we might find some other defects which need repair. We’ll begin with the part that requires our attention right away. We’ll continue the repair process until we have covered everything and have finished the job completely. Old houses or buildings are fire traps.  You can’t take your electrical circuit for granted

Our electrician Fort Lauderdale is licensed and highly trained. They have long years of working experience and have done all kinds of electrical jobs with perfect result. Giving your old homes and buildings the right electrical connection and keeping you safe is our number one aim.

We can assure you that our electricians at Connective Electric are honest and friendly. You won’t have second thoughts on letting them in your homes. You may call us and ask the name of our Electrician Fort Lauderdale we’re sending over to your place and when he or she arrives, you can take a look at his or her ID card. You can let us know if he or she’s in your place already and we will confirm his or her identity to you. They are also cleared by the police and have no prior criminal or arrest records.

The procedure we just told you is our SOP at Connective Electric. We can’t be too careful these days. However, in most cases, our electricians are allowed to enter the premises without checking. They don’t tarry too long, but go directly into doing their job. When they’re finished, they leave immediately after clearing  the area.

We Have the Most Efficient and Reliable Electricians in Our Service

Posted by on Friday, August 15, 2014 in News | Comments Off on We Have the Most Efficient and Reliable Electricians in Our Service

We Have the Most Efficient and Reliable Electricians in Our Service


Connective Electric is a one stop shop to cater to all your electrical requirements

We are responsible for putting up the electrical connection is many homes and commercial building. Our electricians have been working nonstop to keep electricity flowing in residences, commercial buildings, factories and other institutions. Our customers trust us because they trust our job performance. We are always making good on our words and we always deliver as promised. We have very responsible and very efficient electricians that we could count on to carry out the job with the utmost expertise. Their work, dedication is second to none. We are proud of them and we know they are also proud of the company they represent which is Connective Electric.

Many of them have been working with us for so long now that when the customers see them what comes to their minds is the excellent tradition that we have provided them. They know that Connective Electric is synonymous with superior customer service which is second to none. Any problem they have our electricians are in their building right away and immediately on top of the situation, minimizing their downtown time.

You are planning to have an outdoor party and you want a customized lighting for your pool and your garden, we can do that for you and make your celebration a truly shining one. How about putting up a chandelier in your living rooms, your board meeting rooms or your hotel lobby? Our electricians will take good care of it? It might be that you want to add more ceiling fans to your homes and factories, that’s another of our many specialties.

It might be that you just had your home renovated and the building inspector found out that you have some electrical connection violation as a result of the job just completed.  Call on us. We will take care of it in a jiffy.

We are also experts in installing backup generators and the wires that will connect it to the building. We can put up the electrical post and install all the required electrical fixtures that will make it functional. We have done many of similar jobs before and until now all of them are providing the power that the company requires.

You might have a problem of low voltage electric supply. Your appliances or your factory equipment is performing below par. If this will continue it will damage them sooner or later. It’s one of the easiest problems to solve. You don’t have to suffer from underperforming appliances and equipment and substandard results, it can easily be fixed the same day.

We can upgrade your perimeter lighting, dock lighting and shore power outlets, including your driveways and backyards. There’s nothing better than a well lighted place to ensure safety and security. Talking about security, take your safety one step higher.  Our electricians can also install security video cameras and closed circuit surveillance cameras. Yes and alarms as well.

We have several installed packages that you may be interested in. We are a one stop shop. Our electrician Pompano Beach will take care of all your electrical connections and you don’t have to deal with another company. It’s just between you and us. Give us a call or send us an email and you can expect a same day response.

Who’s Making Your Electrical Connections?

Posted by on Friday, August 8, 2014 in News | Comments Off on Who’s Making Your Electrical Connections?

Who’s Making Your Electrical Connections?
Serving Customers Throughout Broward County and Across South Florida

Landscape lighting can accentuate landscaping in both residential and commercial locations.

Connective Electric knows everything about electrical connections to ensure a smooth and safe current supply

Electricians are responsible for bringing electricity to homes, commercial buildings, factories, schools, hospitals and everything else that needs power to operate. They do this by installing electrical wiring, switch fuses, lighting fixtures and all other electrical connections. What they do is very important. One mistake may cause a short circuit.

They therefore are required extensive training and afterwards have to take licensure exams. We are warned not to hire unlicensed electricians because of the danger that it may bring. They charge a bit high in doing their job, but this is a fair exchange in bringing electricity to our homes and keeping us safe.

Hiring unlicensed electricians to do put up the connections in your homes may cause the building inspector to refuse issuing building permit. What is being done here is illegal and the homeowner may be fined for this. Another thing is that if your house burns down the insurance company won’t pay you your insurance money. You might be held liable for the fire if it spreads to other houses.

There are a lot of disadvantages in using unlicensed electricians. It’s true that many of these unlicensed electricians have long experiences and they know their job well, but there so many changes that are added to the new electrical systems now days. Since they don’t have formal trainings and they are not privy to additional trainings for the latest applications, the chance is that they are going to make shortcuts. There goes your appliances, machineries and whatever you have in your homes or buildings. Worst, if the fire will get you.

Don’t take any chances. With few dollars difference don’t put your investment, your life, and your family in danger. Use only certified electricians to work on your electrical connections. This is the reason why we only hire highly qualified and licensed electricians to carry out the jobs for you. Our company Connective Electric is known for its efficiency, safety and expertise. We always take into consideration what is the best for you.

In everything that we do, we always use the best electrical materials. The size of the wires, how they are installed and how they are connected is very important.  They carry the burden of distributing the load 24/7. They should be made of highest quality materials to prevent overload and prevent any disruption of electricity. The fuses, breakers, switches, bubs and their fixtures will also need to be installed properly.

How about your transformers, generators, outdoor lightings, alarms and whatever else that need electricity, we can also make them work for you with perfect power delivery. Your factories have huge machines that require large amounts of power supply, your laboratories have very sensitive equipment and if you have computers and servers these will need just the right amount of electrical feed.  We are not even talking about the special wiring that goes into each of them.

Call us at Connective electric and our electrician Boca Raton will see to it that you get the best service. You’re electricity will flow without any flaw. It’s going to be a smooth performance all the way.