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Posted by on December 11, 2015 5:24 pm in Backup Generators | 0 comments

Industrial Electrical Supply

Posted by on Friday, December 11, 2015 in Backup Generators | 0 comments

Connective Electric will keep your power supply stable and steady

Connective Electric Industrial

Connective Electric provides for the electric and lighting needs of customers in industrial spaces.

The bigger your electrical requirements are, the bigger should be your wires, fuses, electrical fixtures and vice versa. The electrical connections should correspond to your electricity needs. Without proper industrial electrical supply, you may be faced with overload or underload. Overload can damage your equipment, furniture and lighting fixtures and be a fire hazard. Underload means you will have an insufficient supply of electricity. If you have an ongoing problem with the stability of your power supply, this is a sign that your industrial electrical supply is in need of maintenance or upgrade.

Connective Electric can easily fix this situation for you. We can install a transformer to restore the correct electrical current supply of your homes, commercial buildings and factories. We offer industrial electrical supply to provide back-up for your production plant or factory.

Connective Electric has been helping both residential and commercial building owners in solving their electrical supply issues across South Florida. You can rely on us to provide the assistance you want without delay.

You can enlist our emergency response operation to minimize interruption of your electrical needs.  We have standby emergency teams which are ready 24/7. Once you call, the response is automatic. We’ll ensure that your down time will be short and solved right away.

Connective Electric is a premier electrical contractor for South Florida. With our wide range of services and in-stock supplies, we don’t need for stores to be open to buy spare parts or new equipment. Connective Electric has all your industrial electrical supply at our immediate disposal.

Our electricians are fully licensed throughout the State of Florida. Call us now at 954-782-7879 and we will show what we can do for all your industrial electrical supply needs. Your satisfaction is our number one goal.

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